There are a few parallel strands that we will be working on.

  1. Developing exemplar videos – our proposal states we will make 10, so that is the initial target. Hopefully we will beat it, as there are lots more in the various school specifications, and we have some of our own that we want to do (e.g. assembling quickfit reflux).
  2. Peer assessment forms – these will take the form of a checklist on how the technique should be carried out.
  3. Hosting platform – we need to develop a suitable platform that allows students to review exemplar videos, upload their video, review a peer’s video, and receive their badge. It needs to be robust, and available for external educators to use with their students. Coffee anyone…?
  4. Design badges – for each technique, we want to have an associated digital badge, and these need to be designed.
  5. Instructions for students – our incoming first years will be taking a dedicated lab session where they will complete the lab skills demonstrations. So they need to be told what to do in the manual.