Distillation – Version 1

Hello! Today I’m sharing with you the first version of my video on distillation. This was the third technique after titration and standard solutions, and was a challenge from the very beginning. Firstly, I wrote a protocol. The difficult part before I even started filming, was clamping the setup. I did not want to over clamp it, but wanted to give it enough stability. After discussing it with several people, I decided to clamp the condenser only, as the flask was stabilised by the heating mantle.

Photo for Blog.jpgSo, the protocol was ready and I started filming. Unlike for the standard solutions and titration, videoing distillation had a very serious obstacle – I could not pause it to change the camcorder position, once I switched the heating on, distillation had to proceed until the end. So I had to do it quite a few times. When I decided that I had enough material (trust me – that took way more time than titration and standard solution), I put it all together and added audio. I’m quite happy with the effect and hope you will like the video as well!

Again, please share your comments on the video. Any feedback would be appreciated. This is the first edit, so I hope the technique is correct and the video and audio are easy to follow. I understand that everyone has their own way of carrying out distillation and each way might differ slightly from other ones. Different books also show some differences. Therefore, I’ll be happy to justify and discuss any parts that someone might find strange or inappropriate, or admit that I was wrong 🙂

Anyway, please enjoy watching!

PS. Just like in the previous videos, I realised how many details you only see when the video is already finished. After making the video, I almost published it, but then realised that half of it was filmed with the mantle plugged to one socket, and half – plugged to a different one. So, I had to re-shoot it 🙂 Can’t even describe, how much more attention I pay to detail now…

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