Pipetting 2: Pipette harder: Behind the scenes

The great feedback we received for our first take at pipetting made our lives a lot easier for our second attempt, so first off thanks to everyone who shared their opinions! Really, the only question we still had to answer before we could start filming our second set of videos was should gloves be worn?

  • The pro-gloves side believe that wearing gloves protects you from not only the chemical you’re working with, but also against the possible contaminated glassware and communal areas of the lab (such as the sink and bench).
  • The anti-gloves side believe that wearing gloves not only makes students complaisant and somewhat careless when it comes to handling the solutions , but also practically gloves impede the controlled release of solution.

“The Hands”(Amy) decided that since the chemical we were using was rather safe, she would go bare-handed, allowing her better control of the release of solution. We thought it noteworthy to mention at the start of the video that if gloves are needed the students will be told in their lab manual.

After “The Voice”(Euan) recorded the script and ensured many rolling Scottish “r”s throughout, it came time for editing. We wanted the videos to be as condense as possible so that the students would pay attention from start to finish, and so I (“The Director/Editor”) abandoned Windows movie maker for Camtasia version 8 which allowed for split screens and callouts.

Hopefully you enjoy our two newest blockbusters!

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