Preparing a Standard Solution from Solid – Improved Video

Hey everyone! This is my second post on making a solution from solid. After getting quite a lot of feedback on the previous video, I went back to the lab and re-shot it. This took a longer while and made me realise how many little mistakes you can’t see and how helpful the reviewers are in spotting them.

Photo.jpgAs I said, I re-shot the whole video using sodium carbonate instead of sodium hydroxide, as the latter one may confuse students (carbonate is a primary standard, while hydroxide is not!). I followed a similar protocol to make a 0.1000-molar solution of it, but I changed the way of transferring the solid to the flask. In the previous video, I transferred it directly from the boat. In this video, I transferred it to a beaker first, and then to the flask. I also added a bit about cleaning the balance and leaving it clean after using it and mentioned the purity of the solute. Again, as in the previous video, it is emphasised that one of the most important parts is to transfer the solid quantitatively – which basically means rinsing almost everything with deionised water. Summarising, this is a whole new video – quite different from the previous one. I hope I managed to include all the important details, there are definitely more of them in this than in the sodium hydroxide video.

After the feedback, I will hopefully move to post-production, in which I will add text (checklist for students and important parts to notice) and I’ll try to cut the video a bit, as the long parts tend to get boring. I will also add the opening of me saying: “Hey everyone, this video is about making a standard solution!” (this will go straight after the Edinburgh Uni intro).

I want to thank you all for your comments so far – they were invaluably helpful. Please share your thoughts on this video in terms of mistakes or what I can improve. Feedback on quality, procedure or anything else will be much appreciated and I’d definitely like to get any feedback on the quality of audio (and if my accent is understandable), as I find it the most difficult bit. Enjoy watching!

One thought on “Preparing a Standard Solution from Solid – Improved Video

  1. I would be tempted to always have some of the solvent already in the beaker before you add the solid – I recall adding water to some anhydrous phosphate solids and ending up with stubborn crusty lump that took a lot of work to finally dissolve … I know it happens only now and again but…


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