Will the Project Work in Practice?

It is a very important part of developing any project to receive feedback on what others – especially those involved – think about it. So, apart from all the feedback we get for our videos, we also want to make sure the overall project is top notch – that’s what we aim for. And of course, we value the opinions from everyone – teachers, academic staff and the people of YouTube and WordPress, who found out about the project (or those who just procrastinate before exams 😉 ). But if you think about it – the most important group of people – those who will have to learn something valuable from the videos and get the most of the project – are STUDENTS. So  we invited some to our Uni…

On Thursday, May 26, a group of five high school students came to have a look at what being a Chemistry student feels like. So we prepared an activity similar to the one that first year students will do. They were going to carry out a titration of HCl with NaOH – the one I did in my titration video.


Firstly, the students prepared a 0.100-molar solution of NaOH, which then they used as titrant. We showed them the video and asked them to write down the major points to remember when preparing and carrying out the titration. Then, while doing the actual titration, they were asked to have an eye on each other. After finishing and doing the calculations, they watched the video again, to check if they did everything correctly. They shared their observations and filled a little survey about the project that we had given them.

The survey included a question about the video, whether they enjoyed the activity, what was easy and hard about it. It turned out the students really did like it and thought it was a good idea to develop such a project. They pointed out poor quality of the video, which then was improved (version 2 is the improved one). Unanimously, did they wrote that making and following the checklist made it easier to carry out the titration.

To conclude, the students gave us some really good feedback on the project. Will it work in practice for the first year students at University? Hell yeah!


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