First Skills Video: Pipetting

The first attempt at an exemplar instructional video is now available for your feedback!

You can find all of the videos we create on our YouTube channel here. The pipetting video is below, including a ‘script‘ and the 5 points that students should cover to be awarded the badge. This is a working process, and the videos/proformas etc. are not finalised, so please give us as much feedback, comments, suggestions as you like!

Pipetting criteria:

  1. Ensure the pipette is clean before use
  2. Rinse the pipette with the solution to be pipetted
  3. Fill the pipette, then drain so the meniscus touches the graduation mark
  4. Drain the solution into the sample container without touching the sides
  5. Dispense the last drop by touching the pipette against the side of the container

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